Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Number 21- Rest In Power and Peace Nikki Janelle Enriquez

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I was made aware of the latest trans murder victim in large part because she was one of the victims of the US Border Patrol agent who has been arrested for killing four women between September 3-15.

Been aware that we lost a trans woman since Saturday, but took me this long to confirm it because in large part of her being deadnamed and misgendered by Webb County law enforcement officials before they corrected it.

The latest trans person we have lost is 28 year old Nikki Janelle Enriquez.   What we know so far is that she was murdered by accused serial killer Juan David Ortiz around September 14-15, and according to authorities her body was found dumped along I-35 at mile marker 15.

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He has now been charged with her murder and the murder of three other cis women.

After Ortiz is tried and hopefully found guilty, may he get the death penalty or rot in jail for life.

Her life and the lives of the other cis feminine people lives he callously took from all who loved them deserve justice     We'll be watching to see if that happens or Webb County falls into the disgusting pattern of not giving people who murder trans folks the sentences they deserve.

Nikki also went by the name Janelle.   No word yet from my trans family in the RGV and south Texas as to a memorial service or memorial vigil.    If I find out, I will pass that information along to you.

She is the second Latina trans Texan we have lost this year, the third trans Latina in the US murdered this year, and the 21st trans person this year violently taken from us.   

And once again, she is the tenth trans person under age 30 we've violently lost in 2018 and the 18th trans person of color.   17 of those trans POC have ben trans women.  We have also had one Black trans man killed this year who also ID as gender non conforming.

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#TransLivesMatter   #TransLatinaLivesMatter.  When will the lives of Latinx trans folks become just as valuable to cis Latinx folks?    When will we see an end to the murders of trans people, no matter what their ethnic background?

Rest in power and peace, Nikki   You can begin to rest soundly knowing that the person who killed you is in custody.  Your trans family and all who loved you in the Lone Star State and around the country will be watching and waiting to see if the Webb County DA handles his business and you get justice for the abrupt end of your all too brief life.       

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