Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Number 20- Rest In Power and Peace Londonn Moore Kinard

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While we're still waiting for confirmation on two possible murders in New York, we have a confirmed one in North Port, FL 

20 year old Londonn Moore Kinard was found face down shot to death at the intersection of Sawyer Circle and Red Oak Road at 7:30 AM EDT Saturday.

Lauren Coffey
And as you probably guessed, Londonn was egregiously misgendered in death by reporter Lauren Coffey, who went out of his way to misgender our fallen sister. 

I'll call out this F+ transphobic 'reporting' and this stenographer later.  In the meantime my priority is getting justice for Londonn and all who loved her.

Step aside, sir and watch how we properly cover a trans murder victim.

Back to business.

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North Port PD is still investigating this case and are being tight lipped about many of the details in this case.   They are asking if you do have evidence that will lead to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the killer, you are asked to call Detective Chris Maki at 941-429-7323 

Londonn is now the 20th person we have lost in the US in 2018 to anti trans violence.   She is the 15th African American trans person we have lost this year, and the tenth person under age 30 we have lost.

And we're still trying to confirm if two more found dead last week were homicides.

Yeah, this pattern is getting beyond aggravating.  My young trans siblings die, and get disrespected still further in death. The crap has got to stop.   #StopKillingUs   #BlackTransLivesMatter

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