Friday, November 20, 2015

After Six Years, Nikki Wins!

After six long years, the unjust ruling of GOP judge Randy Clapp has been remanded and Nikki Araguz Loyd has finally won her landmark Araguz v Delgado marriage case!

She and her hubby William Loyd traveled the 90 miles from H-town to the Wharton County courthouse to pick up the court order at 1;30 PM CST.   It was also apropos that it was karmically happening on TDOR.

Nikki's major concern before her arrival in Wharton was whether Judge Clapp would sign it.  But after she arrived at the courthouse, she happily discovered that the final order had been autographed by him and was ready for pickup.

Congrats Nikki on this one huge step for you, but one gigantic legal leap for transkind and the marriage rights of all trans people in Texas!

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