Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Won't Allow You To Trample On My Human Rights Or My Dignity

I had a high school classmate of mine make a transphobic comment on her Facebook page that I called her out about early Sunday morning while I was in Massachusetts.  

While I was traveling back to Texas she deleted the comments and blocked me from her page which is her right to do.  I then exercised my First Amendment free speech rights to call her behind out about the transphobic comments on my Facebook page, and wrote an open letter to her trying to explain what was wrong with what she wrote. and why it is hurtful to trans people.

After I did so, she ,her daughter and two other people swarmed my Facebook page and unleashed transphobic attacks at moi while trying to hide behind the Bible and claiming I had 'attacked her'

Naw boo boo kitty.  If I had attacked you, you and the whole world would have known about it.  

But the bottom line is this FB mess gave people an opportunity to see just how embedded anti-trans attitudes are in the Houston Black community, and how much transphobic ignorance is being sowed by these ministers in I hope will be another failed effort to overturn HERO on November 3.

It has also shown me that multiple clear the air town halls between Black cis women and Black trans women will be necessary post Prop 1 in the wake of all the anti-trans rhetoric pimped by the Baptist Ministers Assn. of Houston and Vicinity that has filtered down to the flock level.

But I also need to send a message to Black Houston since you're refusing to have Black trans representatives on air to rebut the ignorance being spread in Houston television media and on Majic 102 and KCOH-AM.

It's past time for Houston's Black trans folks to start calling out our Black community oppressors instead
 of silently sitting there letting them spew anti-trans rhetoric in the blogosphere and elsewhere with impunity.  I am sick of transphobes unleashing anti-trans hatred, and when you call them out on their nekulturny behavior, try to hide behind the Bible, accuse you of 'attacking them' or trot out that trifling 'agree to disagree' line
There is no 'agreeing to disagree'' when your loud and wrong attitudes are being used to demonize and oppress a community or take human rights away.
And if it means I'm going to be the only one standing up to Ben Hall, Majic 102, KCOH-AM and the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity to do it, then yeah, I'm going to go there and be the sword and shield for our community in conjunction with our allies that aren't liking the rampant transphobia being unleashed in H-town either.
You are going to be called out for it, and if you don't like me or any other transperson you attack that way calling your behind out and holding up the mirror on your transphobic azzes, I give zero phucks about it.
If I'm not scared to call out politicians, HRC and a long list of people for their transphobic BS, what makes you think you're immune?
There are times when being polite doesn't work, and you have to call a trifling mofo out, especially when that trifling mofo is attempting to trample on your human rights and your dignity.

New rule for the 2K10.  I wonk allow you or anyone inside or outside of the Black community to tranple on my human rights or my dignity. 

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