Thursday, October 08, 2015

2015 TransGriot NFL Picks - Week 5

Short week for the Texans after they got spanked in the ATL on Sunday.  They now get their first AFC South game in NRG Stadium against the Indianapolis Colts.

Unlike my fave NFL team, I had another great week picking game after stumbling out of the gate once again on Thursday for the second straight week to win for the second straight week..

The folks in Detroit are probably cussing up a storm after getting screwed in their Monday night game at CenturyLink versus the Seahawks that we all were on the right side of picking thanks to that officials brain fart.

But I am now solidly in second place in this 2015 NFL prognostication contest, so let's get to NFL Week 5.  Four teams on their bye week in the Panthers, Vikings, Dolphins and Jets, so only 14 games to select winners from.

And I need to cut into Mike's three game lead.  Time to get started on that.

Week 4 Results
                             2015 Season Record

TransGriot    10-5                          TransGriot     40-23
Mike              9-6                           Mike              42-21
Eli                 9-6                            Eli                 38-25

NFL Week 5 (Home Team In CAPS)

Thursday Night
Colts over TEXANS

Sunday Noon
Bills over TITANS
RAVENS over Browns
CHIEFS over Bears
Seahawks over BENGALS
PACKERS over Rams
BUCCANEERS over Jaguars
EAGLES over Saints
FALCONS over Washington

Sunday Afternoon
Cardinals over LIONS
Patriots over COWBOYS
Broncos over RAIDERS

Sunday Night
GIANTS over 49ers

Monday Night
CHARGERS over Steelers

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