Friday, June 27, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-Houston Pride Weekend Edition

In Houston and many areas around the country it's Pride Weekend.   We're celebrating the June 27, 1969 weekend that Sylvia Rivera, Miss Major and other POC folks jumped off the Stonewall Rebellion

We also have something else to celebrate in the May 28 passage of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

Pride Houston has over 300,000 people attend it each year, making it the second largest parade in Houston and the largest Pride Parade or LGBT gathering in the Southwestern United States. The festival and parade are part of a week-long celebration.    It also boasts the only nighttime pride parade in the nation.   

The festival in the heart of Montrose is open from 1-7 PM and the parade begins at 8:15 PM traveling through Montrose along Westheimer Blvd.    Congrats also to female parade Grand Marshal Christina Gorczynski and male parade Grand Marshal JD Doyle.

It's Friday, and that means it's time for my usual TransGriot business of finding out what fool, fools or group of fools deserve to get called out 

Honorable mention number one is Chris Brown, who turned down a plea deal in a Washington DC assault case, which foced a trial that if it goes sideways, will send him to jail.

Honorable mention number two is North Carolina state Rep Paul Stam (R-Wake) who parted his lips to say during a legislative debate tried to equate homosexuality to pedophilia.

Honorable mention number three is a joint group award to the Tea Klux Klan, the conservative media and losing Mississippi US senate candidate Chris McDaniel for the collective freakout they have engaged in for complaining about embattled Sen Thad Cochran's (R-MS) successful strategy of reaching out to African-American voters and getting them to cross over to vote in the GOP runoff that he won by 6,300 votes.   Hey, y'all can #bemad and #staymad about African-American voters doing unto you what you fools have done unto us for decades in terms of cossing over into our primaries to cause mischief  

Mississippi's Black voters just wasn't having McDaniel's racist azz become a US senator, and good for them exercising their voting power strategically on behalf of our political interests.  . 

Honorable mention number four is the Louisville Forum for planning a July 9 event discussing trans issues with ZERO trans people on the panel.   Seriously? 

Honorable mention number five is David Spondike, a Akron, OH teacher who was fired for posting racist comments on his Facebook account.     That's a problem, dude when you work at a school that is predominate comprised of POC students.   And if you have to preface your defense with 'I'm not racist', then that's a major alert that you probably are and don't need to be teaching kids. 

This week's Shut Up Fool winner is a joint award for John Baylo and his station manager Chris Lemke.
The 35 year old host of a 'Christian' radio show at anti-Gay private college Cornerstone University was busted on child molestation charges.  

And who did his manager blame for his DJ's fall from grace that the deserves a special place in Hell for? 
Give you one guess who he blamed it on after urging WCSG listeners to pray for him,.his family, co-workers and alleged victims

“We pray for John. We pray for his bride and new stepson,” he said. “Most importantly, please pray for the victims of the allegations.” Then he blamed Satan for Baylo’s criminal acts, “We can’t make sense of this. … Did you ever have any doubt Satan was loose?”

Naw but hyporisy defintely was, since Cornerstone University requires students to sign a “Lifestyle Statement” that forbids “every form of immorality, including immoral sexual behavior, homosexuality, lying, stealing and cheating.”

John Baylo and Chris Lemke, shut up fools  

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