Friday, June 06, 2014

Houston HERO Opponent Accused Of Sexual Harassment

“I say to you, what if I came into the bathroom while you were sitting on the toilet? Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable?”
-Pastor Kendall Baker, in his anti-HERO public comments  

Yeah, your comment is cringe inducing now that we are aware the reason you lost your city job was because of a sexual harassment allegation, according to a News 92FM report from Adela Uchida

Kendall Baker, the pastor at StraightUp Ministries World Church, is also a member of the Houston Area Pastor's Council that has been fighting the HERO.

He has been one of the pastors featured along with the Rev. Max Miller used as the faces of the anti-HERO effort by Dave Welch and Dave Wilson.  They have used non-white ministers as their spokespeople in an attempt to present the veneer of a multicultural, broad based coalition, when the reality is the coalition is overwhelmingly dominated by the usual H-town white evangelical Christian conservative haters with ties to the Republican Party.  

Baker was the former manager of the City of Houston's 311 Services Division until his suspension and termination.  After a female employee filed a complaint on June 27, 2013, the Office of Inspector General found during the subsequent investigation that Baker solicited sexual acts, made crude remarks about female anatomy and hugged subordinate female employees. 

Baker was also alleged to have solicited donations for his church, which he denied according to the OIG report.

During the May 13 public comment session, there was a snippy exchange between Mayor Parker and Baker that was a things that make you go hmm moment, but we now realize is related to this situation.

In response to testimony questions about the OIG and their potential role in investigating HERO complaints, Baker said:  "The reason I know the OIG is overwhelmed is because I just ended a 28-year, 11-month career with the city and was wrongfully terminated and the OIG did not handle the case appropriately.”

Mayor Parker's response to Baker's comment was:  

“Absolutely, you are proof we do a good job in the OIG, sir.”

As of yet Baker hasn't responded to media requests for comments concerning the sexual harassment  allegations that led to his termination from his city job. 

But isn't that special (and not surprising) that one of Dave Welch's Pastor Council sheeple hypocritically lives in a glass house.  

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Unknown said...

LOL, the schadenfreude is deserved. What an hypocritical asshole!