Monday, June 16, 2014

RIP Zoraida Reyes

Photo: "La palabra trans* es un término político" Zoraida Reyes #OurBodiesArePolitical  #HijasDelMaizTeExtrańan #VivesEnMiCorazón #girlslikeus #Not1More #TransLivesMatter #RestInPower #BringBackOurFamilies

"Life is too short. We have to enjoy life however we want. We can love whoever we like. We were born to help others. We all are equal because we are not labeled like products. We are humans. Do something with your life, and not let life to do something with you"
-Zoraida Reyes'

While I was in Philly meeting many of our next generation activists during the just concluded Philadelphia Trans health Conference, sadly their is one trans sister that I won't have the honor and pleasure of getting to meet and know.

I'm saddened to report that we have lost one of our trans Latina sisters in California

Our California trans family and allies are mourning the senseless death of  28 year old Zoraida 'Ale' Reyes of Santa Ana, CA.   Her body was found behind a Dairy Queen in Anaheim, CA Friday.  

Initial evidence discovered by Anaheim police investigators is that Zoraida was killed somewhere else and the body was moved to that location. 

While the Orange County Sheriff's Department is reporting that an autopsy has been completed in this case, they are still gathering evidence to determine whether this was indeed a homicide and if i was, whether Zoraida's transfeminine status played a role .

“She had many, many hats in this community. She was an activist for the Dreamer movement, for undocumented students, she was also an activist for the transgender community, along with the gay community,” friend Javier Saucedo said in a KCAL-TV interview. “She was an activist, she was a friend, she was a daughter, she was a sister, she was someone you could count on.”

Zoraida was active not only in the trans human rights movement, but other causes such as the DREAM movement, immigration rights, and as an ally to the LGB community.


Over the weekend, a snap GoFundMe campaign seeking to raise the funds to help pay for Zoraida's funeral raised over $10,000.   There was a vigil held Friday night in Santa Ana to honor her memory, and another is scheduled to take place Tuesday in San Francisco.

As my California trans family and my trans Latina sisters pass me the details for her upcoming funeral service and any other subsequent memorial services,  I will pass them along to you in addition to any other news concerning the ongoing investigation into this senseless killing.

You know I will also follow this case until the waste or watses of DNA who took her from us far too soon are expeditiously arrested, convicted and rotting in a jail cell 

Ronnie Velez nailed it in this Facebook commentary in memory of Zoraida.

#TransLivesMatter May we honor Zoraida's life and contributions to our Latin@, immigrant, and LGBTQ communities by allowing her spirit to continue reclaiming family and unconditional love in our lives, so that she can renew us, our conversations, our relationships, our workplaces, our schools, our streets, and the only planet we know as home. We love you, sister. UNCONDITIONALLY

The outpouring of love, grief and affection for our fallen sister is powerful testimony to the love and respect that countless people had for her, and I'm saddened I won't get to know her..     

Rest in Power, Zoraida. You are already being missed by all the people who loved you and whose lives you touched.  Say hello to all our sisters who have transitioned to a better place with you.  

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