Saturday, June 07, 2014

RIP Kandy Hall

transgenderI've been able to avoid doing this for six months.   But unfortunately the odds were good that one of our transsisters was going to be killed somewhere in this country before the year was out.

The first trans person murdered this year in the United States (unless I missed one somewhere) took place in Baltimore, MD on Tuesday.   

The person who was killed was 40 year old Kandy Hall.   Her body was found Tuesday in a field on Fillmore Street near a post office and school in northeast Baltimore. 

A reward is now being offered for information that leads to an arrest in Hall’s murder.

Last year 29 year old Kelly Young was found dead in east Baltimore, and unfortunately her killer has yet to be brought to justice.   

But back to discussing Kandy.  So far people have been unable to contact relatives to notify them of her death.  I'll be in contact with my Baltimore area folks who will keep me updated on any news related to this case  or any memorial services planned.

Also looking for pics of Kandy if anyone in the Baltimore area has them. 

Rest in power Kandy.   Your transfamily will not rest until justice is served in your case.  

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