Sunday, June 01, 2014

I Repeat, If We Tell You It's A Slur Word, Don't Use It

'Let me drive this point home once again.  You don't get to make the call as to what words are or aren't offensive to my community.  WE make that call.  If you respect our community as you claim you do, then heed our repeated request to simply NOT use the offensive slur words.'  
--TransGriot   April 30, 2014  'If We Tell You It's A Slur Word, Don't Use It'
The white gay males throwing temper tantrums like spoiled two years olds because a majority of the trans community has told them not to use the t-word, have deployed yet another useful trans fool in their losing effort to justify the use of two words we have told them and the world are offensive to our community.

And they need to give it up.   We already know that if this situation was reversed, you would go frothing at the mouth crazy if any trans person wrote posts trying to justify use of the f-word, or repeatedly tried to justify doing so by finding contrarian white gay males who validated the loud and wrong viewpoint.  
Note to Justin Vivian Bond (not surprisingly white, like the other previously deployed useful fools like Our Lady J, Andrea James and Calpernia Addams) and all you other people sucking up to white gays trying to justify use of a slur word:.  If you're so 'worried about trans unity', stop sucking up to the cadre of white gay males and a cluelessly ignorant Black gay male who petulantly want to keep dehumanizing us by using terms a majority of us have said in a loud voice are hurtful slurs.

And let me repeat this one more time for the cognitively challenged:  A majority of the trans community has said the t-word and s-word are hurtful slurs.  If you respect our community, don't use them, period. 

Words matter. Hate thoughts are expressed in hate words and hate speech that turns into hate violence.

And guess what two words come out of our oppressors mouths before they put their hands on transwomen to violently beat or kill us?  What words come out of some
one's mouth when they want to dehumanize transwomen or deny us employment?

When you try to justify use of those words, you are tacitly saying by doing so you don't care, and your privilege trumps our humanity.  If you're a transwoman who thinks the slur words usage is okay, you just gave permission for our oppressors to dehumanize you. 

This is bigger than the slur words. It's about the trans community owning its power, drawing a line in the sand and telling friend, foe, frenemy and the world what is and is NOT acceptable to us.  

f you allies truly respect the trans community, you would accept that reality and move on.   But there are elements of the white gay male community who wish to continue disrespecting and hating trans women to pump up their own self esteem and we ain't having that.   

No matter how many trans useful fools you egg on into embarrassing themselves and risking pariah status in our community by trying to buttress your hypocritical and losing position, bottom line is we're not budging one millimeter on the point the t-word is a slur and you need to stop using it.

You need to stop using it because our community respectfully asked you in the beginning not to do so. 

Now we're telling you.

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