Monday, June 07, 2010

Black Peeps Proud Of Who We Are And Who Call Y'all Out On Your Vanilla Flavored Bullcrap Ain't 'Racist'

What is it about an intelligent, educated, socially aware, fly African descended person who is well versed in our history that scares the crap out of you?

If I had a dollar for every white person who has called me 'racist' because I hardly ever fail to point out the hypocritical ways in which whiteness operates in this society, I could retire on that money.

That being said, time to take the clueless to school. Go find that Sociology 101 book gathering dust on your bookshelf, crack it open, and read it. If you're doing a Sarah Palin and can't find it, then Moni will post it for you.

Racism is taking your personal biases and prejudices and combining them with power, be it political, social, economic, military, or police power, and using that to oppress and retard the advancement of another minority group.

Can't help it if some of y'all can't handle the truth that bigotry, racism and racist behavior permeates this society to the point people of color are experts at ferreting out even the most subtle deployment of it.

We should be since it has been deployed against us for over 200 years and our survival depends on it.

So y'all chill with the futile projection tactics on the person delivering the message about racist behavior whether it's me or any other POC.

It won't, and doesn't work.

Oh yeah, before I forget this point, don't bother screaming 'race card' at me either. No one injects or uses race more in its everyday interactions with POC's in society than does whiteness.

I'm not going to stop being proud of my people, my history, standing tall, and saying it loud, I'm Black, trans and I'm proud.

It also ain't going to stop me from speaking my mind and calling out bull feces in the trans community, my African-American one, or any other one I interact with when I see fit to do so.

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