Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stephanie And Ukea Anniversary

Six years ago today two young friends died in a hail of bullets. Ironically it was on the same Washington DC street corner in which Tyra Hunter had her fatal car accident a few years earlier.

And unfortunately they died for the same reason Tyra did. Somebody didn't like the fact they were transwomen and felt that gave them the right to terminate their lives.

The story of Stephanie Thomas and Ukea Davis.

Rest in peace, ladies. We'll never forget you.


kara_h said...

I just looked in my email:

Six years ago today the trans community in DC was trying to get a handle on what had just happened.

The next night we were at their vigil. The second time in a few years for some people.

A little over a year later (8/16/03) we were again rushing out for the vigil for Bella Evangelista. Then Emonie Spaulding on 8/20/03.

Augusts are not a good time up here.

Polar said...

Kara, has there been a suspect named or arrested for this travesty?

I don't normally wish ill on people, but I hope the scumsucking piece of porcine fecal matter who did this crime, dies a slow and painful death.

kara_h said...

For Stephanie and Ukea you mean? Not that I know of, last I knew there were some leads but nothing has been said concretely yet.