Thursday, March 20, 2008

Moni's 2008 NCAA Men's March Madness Bracket

Hey TransGriot readers!
Last year I posted my NCAA tourney bracket on the blog and didn't do too badly. I picked Florida to win it all and they did.

It's a new year and a new NCAA tournament starts in a few hours. I love it except when they keep showing highlights of a last second shot from a certain 1983 NCAA championship game.

Anyway, here are my picks for this year's NCAA men's tournament. I'm still working on my NCAA women's tournament bracket and will post that tomorrow.

East Regional

Ist Round
North Carolina, Indiana, Notre Dame, Washington State, Oklahoma, Louisville, Butler, Tennessee

2nd Round
North Carolina, Notre Dame, Louisville, Tennessee

Regional Finals
North Carolina, Tennessee

East Champion

Midwest Regional

1st Round
Kansas, UNLV, Villanova, Vanderbilt, Southern Cal, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, Georgetown

2nd Round
Kansas, Vanderbilt, Southern Cal, Georgetown

Regional Finals
Kansas, Southern Cal

Midwest Champion

South Regional

1st Round
Memphis, Mississippi State, Michigan State, Pitt, Marquette, Stanford, Miami, Texas

2nd Round
Memphis, Pitt, Stanford, Texas

Regional Final
Memphis, Texas

South Champion

West Regional

1st Round
UCLA, Texas A&M, Drake, Connecticut, Baylor, Xavier, West Virginia, Duke

2nd Round
UCLA, Connecticut, Xavier, Duke

Regional Finals
Connecticut, Duke

West Champion

Final Four Teams
Tennessee, Kansas, Memphis, Connecticut

Championship Game
Memphis, Kansas

2008 NCAA Champion


Genaro Urso said...

North Carolina North Carolina Tennessee
Notre Dame
Tennessee Tennessee

Kansas Kansas
Gerorgetown Georgetown Georgetown

Memphis Memphis Memphis Memphis
Texas Texas Texas

U Conn
Duke Duke
Winner Memphis

MonicaH said...

You forgot the Bulldogs - UGA

MonicaH said...

You left out the Bulldogs.

Polar said...

Interesting. I know that after the first day, my brackets are trashed like a college freshman in the infield of Churchill Downs on Derby Day.

It's okay to forget the Bulldogs. Xavier dumped them, but it was closer than the score would have indicated.

At least we can all hate Dork, er, Duke, equally. How can anyone root for a college whose most famous graduate was Richard Nixon? The only college I know that has a WBT as its mascot.

Polar said...

Looks like UConn is gone, too. So much for that bracket.

Don't feel bad. I had Georgia, Drake, USC, Vanderbilt, and Gonzaga advancing a few rounds apiece. So much for big chunks of my brackets. At least my Final Four is still intact.

After we replace that broken car seat of yours, we need to throw it in honor of Coach Knight.

Monica Roberts said...

While the Bulldogs won four games in four day to get in the tournament, I didn't feel they had enough talent to hang around longer than their opening round game