Friday, March 21, 2008

Moni's 2008 NCAA Women's Tournament Picks

I'm a big college hoops fan, and that also includes women's games as well. I have been pleased to see the increasing amounts of quality women's college games being broadcast on TV.

So I'm starting a new tradition on TransGriot in honor of Women's History Month. I'm going to post my NCAA tournament picks for the women's tournament as well.

Greensboro Region

First Round
UConn, Texas, Old Dominion, Virginia, George Washington, Cal, Iowa State, Rutgers

Second Round
UConn, Old Dominion, Cal, Rutgers

Regional Final
Uconn, Rutgers

Greensboro Region Champ

Spokane Region

First Round
Maryland, Xavier, W. Virginia, Vanderbilt, Pitt, Baylor, UTEP, Stanford

Second Round
Maryland, Vanderbilt, Baylor, Stanford

Regional Final
Maryland, Stanford

Spokane Region Champ

New Orleans Region

First Round
North Carolina, Georgia, Kansas State, Louisville, Oklahoma State, Marist, LSU

Second Round
North Carolina, Louisville, Oklahoma State, LSU

Regional Final
North Carolina, LSU

New Orleans Region Champ

Oklahoma City Regional

First Round
Tennessee, Purdue, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Arizona State, Duke, Syracuse, Texas A&M

Second Round
Tennessee, Oklahoma, Duke, Texas A&M

Regional Final
Tennessee, Duke

Oklahoma City Regional Champ

Final Four Teams
UConn, Stanford, LSU, Tennessee

Championship Game
UConn, Tennessee

2008 NCAA Women's Champion

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Monica Roberts said...

I'm doing better with my women's NCAA picks than I am with the guys.

Go figure ;)