Saturday, March 08, 2008

Joe Lied, Our ENDA Inclusion Died

The Homosexual Rights Corporation (they don't deserve to be called 'Human') continues trying to get itself back in the good graces of the transgender community. But this YouTube video is a major reason why they're having a hard time in addition to the transgender community being fed up with the decade's worth of hostile duplicity, their passive/aggressive resistance to adding us to ENDA and their morally bankrupt bull.

Now they are trying to spin this video as Joe 'missspeaking'. That's what y'all might call it inside I-495, but outside the beltway we call it lying.

And it's all about WHERE you made that speech. You made that speech in Atlanta, not Washington. In the Deep South, when you say something, your word is your bond.

The best part about it is that it's on video for all to see.

Deal with this reality, Joe and HRC. You lied, and the $20,000 of our community's money the Homosexual Rights Corporation collected while making that speech at the Southern Comfort Conference will make it impossible to forget.

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