Monday, March 10, 2008

Hate On Haters

What I do reflects on you
What you do reflects on me
What WE do reflects on the ENTIRE gay community.

That was the text of a sign that used to hang in various Houston gay clubs in our Montrose gayborhood. It was a reminder to all of the club patrons that like it or not, you are now a minority and the rules changed from the 'rugged individualist' selfish behavior you used to exhibit on a daily basis. Whether you liked it or not, you were part of a community of people under attack by our parent society and your interactions in the world around you had to take that into account.

It's a lesson that we African-Americans and other peeps of color have had drilled into us from the cradle, but some WWBT's have refused to learn.

Over the last several weeks we've had an infestation of WWBT's on various GLBT blogs spouting their selfish, hateful, transphobic and increasingly insulting rhetoric on various GLBT blogs that one by one has gotten the authors banned from the major ones like Bilerico, Pam's House Blend and others. They are now trying to bring that Hateraid over here, especially since I have called them out on their bullshit on this post and others.

I'm not tolerating it. I've worked hard to build TransGriot into a place where my fellow African-Americans, our supporters and others around the world can come and get information about transgender issues from an African-American perspective. I refuse to let a bunch of clueless, exclusionary latte-sipping racists who have no idea about how politics, much less anything else works (and don't care) try to tear down what I have patiently built up here over the last two plus years.

It's not an issue with African-American transpeople. This is only coming from a small, loud argumentative segment of elderly white transwomen. It's an unwelcome blast from the past that is so 90's, and it's the last time I'm wasting this blog's bandwith commenting on this issue. I have bigger fish to fry.

I chuckle because every time these peeps post their vitriolic crap (which I delete) in a vain attempt to quote unquote 'try to make me look bad', they're missing the mark. They need to look in the mirror (if it doesn't break first) to ascertain who this is really hurting. You're making yourselves look like the peeps that not only need Jesus, but need straitjackets and prescription medication as well.

But unfortunately your vitriol has a negative effect on the transgender community in general, and I believe that's your ultimate goal. You WWBT's not only want to make the community look bad, but want to use the Republican strategy of driving wedges into its constituent parts to break it up.

You peeps have been miserable failures at working well and playing nice with each other since the 90's. The evidence is overwhelming that there's a viable, vibrant transgender community that is growing and evolving. You WWBT's not only hate it, you want to by any means necessary manufacture your reality that there's no transgender community. You are attempting to remix and attack us with the same 'womyn born womyn' radical lesbian feminist crap you've been smacked with by the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival peeps since the early 90's in order to jack with the common interests that bind and enable us to work together.

This cynical strategy of yours will also fail.

Whether you WWBT's realize it or not, as much as we despise even being associated with or mentioned in the same breath with you, our parent society and the GLBT community links us with you Ann Coulter wannabees. The winds will blow the fallout from your verbal attacks on us back toward you as well.

To the rest of my regular readers, I apologize to you. Think of the WWBT's as our misguided senile grandparents who spout outrageous and embarrasing statements at inopportune times. Think Ann Coulter. Same mentality, same racism, same sophomoric arrogance level. They think that just because they spent $10,000 or less on a neocoochie back in the day and they got that money by any means necessary, it makes them ubermenschen. They forget that like everything else in society since the 70's, SRS prices have gone up as well, and for various reasons not everybody can or will have SRS.

We can't help the fact that some of you are frothing at the mouth and bitter about the fact that you're home alone and some of my sisters not only look better than you, some of them are in satisfying long term relationships with biomen despite having five inches of neoclit in their lace panties.

If y'all would check those jacked up attitudes, you might get to use that neocoochie from time to time and not only feel a man inside you, you'll get to experience what an orgasm feels like.

All of your ugly comments will not change the fact that I am a proud, college educated African-American transwoman who has mad writing skills, has a Trinity on my mantel, and have biowomen and transwomen who consider me one of the girls. I have peeps gay, straight and transgender all over the planet who not only love and care about me, they value my friendship.

I'm blessed to have a diverse, worldwide readership of this blog who values my intelligence, wit and insightful commentary on various issues. I'm happy that I've gotten to do speeches, college lectures and panel discussions in addition to numerous print and radio interviews. I'm honored that I've garnered awards from my fellow non-transgender African-Americans and the GLBT community for doing civil rights work, am considered a valued member of my church, and have the love and unconditional support of my family.

In other words people, I have a life. So hate on haters, I'm a Phenomenal Transwoman.

I'm having a blast being the best Monica I can be and succeeding. I'm not only kicking knowledge about transgender people, but doing my part to help speed up the day when unconditional acceptance of transpeople in American society and having our rights codified into law is a no brainer and a reality.


MonicaH said...

Speaking as white, pre-op trans woman, I am proud to call you my friend, my sister and fellow respected trans activist. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for this post and for your friendship. I love you dearly.

Trinity Award, 2003

Monica Roberts said...

Thanks. These clowns are so off the reservation they can't tell the difference between us.

Stassa said...

Hehe! Yeehaw! You make them eat your dust again Monica. You rock. And they suck.

And you're right about what you say, their only motivation is to ruin it for everyone else, like they've ruined their sorry lives.

They shat on the people who would accept them. I can't feel pitty for them.

Methadone Boy said...

Just started reading your blog a few weeks ago, and enjoying your perspective on things.

Pardon my ignorance on this but what is the acronym "WWBT"?

Monica Roberts said...

Just Me,
The haters call themselves 'women born transsexual', or WBT. It's a spin on the 'womyn born womyn' that radical feminist lesbians use that congregate at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.

To give you the short version, the WBT's advocate that only transpeople who have surgery should get civil rights. That position doesn't take into account people who can't have surgery for medical or other reasons, transmen, and intersex people with ambiguous genitalia.

TC said...

There have always been TG/TS people who want to stand up and say "Don't hate me! Hate those other people! They deserve it and I'm not like them."

Christine Jorgensen was down on gay men. (And I don't just mean she was distinguishing between sexual orientation and gender identity - she felt that being gay was a horrible mental illness.) Mario Martino (who wrote the first FTM autobiography) was down on MTFs and especially non-op MTFs. And it's still going on today - post-ops trashing non-ops, "passing" trashing "non-passing", autogynephiles and non-autogynephiles flaming each other, TS women not stopping with saying "I'm not a crossdresser," but describing crossdressers as disgusting perverts ... the list goes on and on.

This isn't just a TS/TG thing, of course. You see it with every group that's struggling for acceptance: there's always somebody who wants to stand up and tell the world "You can hold on to all your other prejudices, just stop hating me." It never works, but that doesn't stop people from trying.

I believe there are many roads to the top of the mountain, and I'm not going to worry about which one someone's on, so long as they treat people with respect along the way.

genevieve said...

Right on, Mionica. I'm an African-American transgender crossdresser and proud of it. I have a saying that if someone has to put me down to make themselves feel better about themselves,THEY have a problem. As for me, I'm happy with who I am.

Monica Roberts said...

Right on! You'll also notice that all the WWBT's are doing is attacking me (and anybody else they have Hateraid for.

All we did was simply punch holes in their fictional worlds with facts, and they are reacting like scorned fundamentalists.

As a matter of fact that's what the WWBT's remind me of. They remind me of the fundies that constantly profess that they are Christians, but their actions and body language belie that.

Monica Roberts said...

With every negative comment you post, not only are your white sheets showing, your ignorance is as well.