Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flag Day 2014

We are also aware through a perusal of history that any marginalized group fighting for their human rights is usually demonized at some point as un-American by the Forces of Intolerance.   The easiest way to counter the lie and take away one of their spin lines is to proudly fly Old Glory at any protest or community event we hold.
--TransGriot, June 14, 2011 

It's apropos that I'm in Philadelphia at the largest trans conference in the United States at a tipping point moment for our trans human rights movement. 

One of the arguments I've been making for years is for the trans community to not repeat the mistake the GL community repeatedly does of ignoring our national flag at their events and ceding its use to our loud and wrong opponents.

This flag is ours just as much as the blue, pink and white Helms one that represents our community, so use it at our events, gatherings, parades  and human rights fights

Remember we have trans people serving and fighting in our military aroubnd the world to protect our precious right to fly it, so honor their service by doing so.          

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