Sunday, June 13, 2010

Will The Last Big 12 Team Please Turn Out The Lights?

It has begun.

Colorado became the first domino to fall in the college relocation sweepstakes Thursday by accepting an invitation to join the Pac-10 in 2012.

They were followed less than 24 hours later by Boise State leaving the WAC for the Mountain West and their now former Big 12 conference mate Nebraska accepting an invitation to join the Big Ten Conference in 2011.

Nebraska leaving the Big 12 didn't surprise me. They haven't been happy being in Texas and Oklahoma's shadows the last few years. They see themselves as an elite football school even if they've slid a bit from that status.

We'll find out in 2011 if Nebraska they have the horses to compete in the Big Ten(12).

Now the rest of the college football universe waits to see what the rest of the remaining Big 12 schools will do.

Feel sorry for Kansas. Elite basketball program, not at that status in football, and unfortunately, football and the pursuit of television cash is driving this expansion and realignment scenario just like it did in 1996.

But the collegiate football world wants to know what Texas is going to do.

Yeah, they're talking a good game about 'trying to save the Big 12', but if you believe that bull I have some waterfront property along I-10 between Breaux Bridge and Baton Rouge I'd like to sell you.

Will they stay in the Big 12 or jump to either the Pac 10 or the SEC? We'll know after Tuesday's board of regents meeting.

Don't see the Wronghorns jumping to the SEC. Too much competition, and we all know what happened the last time they tangled with an SEC squad.

Here's a hint: Roll Tide!

The Pac-10 is also sending a message with the extending of a membership invite to Colorado and not Baylor that they run thangs, not UT.

Texas A&M is considering something different. Not going to the same conference with UT.

They are also tired of being in the Longhorns shadow and being considered the 'little brothers' to the 'Teasips' as they call them in Aggieland.

They are considering a potential invite to the SEC.

In the meantime the rest of the soon to be Left Behind Big 12 schools are meeting, trying to come up with a coordinated strategy to keep what's left of the Big 12 together and hold on to their BCS conference status.

But this is reminding me more and more of the Southwest Conference breakup.

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