Sunday, June 06, 2010

We Will Win

"First they ignore you, then they attack you, then you win!'
Mahatma Gandhi

It's wisdom from Gandhi that could easily be applied to the trans civil rights struggle. They ignored us. They've made fun of us. We haven't gone away and are still demanding our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights.

Now they are attacking us.

But we will win.

The Forces of Intolerance realize that we have the moral high ground and the longer they attack us with half truths and bald face lies, the more public opinion will shift to us.

We simply have to keep telling our stories, continue to point out trans people aren't what our opponents paint us to be, fight like hell against injustice and hammer home the point that it's unfair and immoral to deny fellow citizens our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights.

Civil rights fights go through stages. The Forces of Intolerance can no longer ignore or ridicule us, so they've gone to the next steps of demonization and active and violent resistance.

We are stronger, mentally tougher and more morally upright than the people who persist in persecuting us. We must continue to pray that the storm will pass and we will see a brighter day.

We transpeople will have civil rights coverage and first class citizenship. We will one day see a transperson elected to Congress. We will have more elected to state legislatures and large city councils. We will become valued members of society.

Eventually the haters will simply be worn down by the fact that they are wrong, their numbers are diminishing, the people who support and love us are increasing exponentially, science is on our side, and us being being sick and tired enough of their bull feces to fight.

More out and proud trans people living their lives blow away the myths and lies the Coalition of Haters conjure up to deny us our rights. Their unjust laws will be removed from the books to be replaced with just ones, and if we're lucky, it will happen in our lifetimes.

If you think I'm dreaming about that, I was cynical about this country ever becoming enlightened enough to elect an African-American president.

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