Thursday, June 03, 2010

Chill With The 'Gayjacking' Of Trans Lives For Your Gay Agenda

One of the things that is infuriating to trans people is the 'gayjacking' of our lives and our stories in order to serve your agenda.

From the ultimate gayjacking of the Stonewall Rebellion to falsely characterizing relationships that transwomen are involved in as same-gender ones, it is a persistent pattern of GL peeps, the gayosphere and the Gay Media that continues to piss us off.

Hot on the heels of the misgendering and mischaracterization of the Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza relationship in Malawi as a 'same-sex' one by the gay and straight media, now comes the story out of Pakistan that an attempted marriage to a transwoman was broken up by Pakistani police.

42 year old Malik Muhammad Iqbal and 19 year old transwoman Rani were arrested May 26 in Peshawar. She and the 43 other guests assert they were celebrating her birthday and Iqbal was just a friend. Police are claiming otherwise.

Pakistan is a Muslim country in which gay sex is punishable by a ten year prison sentence.

As the story unfolds, like clockwork the Advocate and some gayosphere blogs continue their ongoing patterns of misgendering Rani and other transwomen to pimp the story as a gay marriage issue.

The transphobic comments of Advocate readers don't help either.

News flash: Contrary to public opinion, there are transwomen who are not only strikingly beautiful, they have no problems attracting male companionship whether they have undergone SRS or not.

Being attracted to or in a relationship with a transwoman does not automatically make a cismale gay. Rani is and identifies as female, so this is a heterosexual marriage assuming the facts in the case bear out it wasn't a birthday party.

If you think Moni's selling woof tickets about the gender identities of transwomen repeatedly being erased and gayjacked for GL political and policy agendas, class is now in session.

In July 1999 PFC Barry Winchell, who was in a dating relationship with transwoman Calpernia Addams, was killed by fellow Ft. Campbell soldier Calvin Glover.

The trans community was royally pissed Calpernia was misgendered by gay organizations in order to push the 'gay relationship' meme and finger anti-gay hate and the DADT policy as the trigger for Winchell's murder.

This ain't just Moni's interpretation of it. The May 28, 2000 issue of the New York Times magazine said the same thing in its article entitled 'An Inconvenient Woman'

"In order to turn the murdered soldier Barry Winchell into a martyr for gay rights, activists first had to turn his girlfriend, Calpernia Addams, back into a man."

It happened last year with Jason Stenson and Kimah Nelson. They were married May 26 at the New York City Clerk's Office ten days after receiving their marriage license.

But unfortunately, the marriage license was revoked and their marriage invalidated after the news broke that Kimah is a transwoman.

And how did the Advocate and the gayosphere blogs such as Towleroad report this situation? In their usual manner of erasing the transwoman's identity in order to pimp the story as a 'gay marriage'.

Rod 2.0 beta was one of the few GLBT blogs that got the story right.

Now that the history lesson's over, class is dismissed. We now return you back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

We are getting beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of the Advocate, the gayosphere, and gay organizations misgendering and gayjacking transpeople's identities to fit their agenda bullet points.

It reeks of white privilege when you do so, and helps feed into the perception by transpeople and people of color gay and straight that the only thing the GL movement cares about is attaining 'Almighty Whitey' status and the ability to oppress others.

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