Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Transwoman Who Wants To Work For Diddy

Usually I avoid reality TV shows like the plague because frankly, I'm old school about my shows. I want a TV show that has great writing and compelling characters.

I was planning on ignoring I Want To Work For Diddy until I heard that one of the contestants was transwoman Laverne Cox. So as usual when you Google someone, interesting things sometimes pop up.

She had this to say on her site about being a Black transwoman that echos much of what I've been saying in various ways here on TransGriot.

Ain't I a woman? Black America, my brothers and sisters. I love you and claim you. Do you love and claim me as the black woman I am? My trans identity doesn't make me any less black.

Acknowledging me and my complex identity is an opportunity for us to reconnect to that dream of liberation that doesn't exclude but is about all oppressed people joining together to have a united voice, united in love and the possibility of deliverance. Ain't I a woman.

But back to the show. As much as I despise reality shows and consider some of them a waste of TV time, I may have to watch it. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes on this sister as well and hope she not only wins the job, but does the African-American transgender community proud in the process.


Ms. Lola said...

I'm rooting for Laverne all the way!! I was so excited when I heard she was going to be on the show, there is also an openly gay black male from Akron on the show, he has a blog up somewhere about how him and Laverne are going to be on the program.

Monica Roberts said...

I'm rooting for her as well.

Especially in light of the negative comments coming her way from the ignorant masses.

Jackie said...

I was going to pass this show too. Thanks for the heads up about Laverne. I hope she is treated with respect.

crys said...

WOW - laverne is hot! i saw the posts about her on another blog where she was dancing or something on the show and i couldn't really see her face. yeah - laverne got it going on - lol!

i still aint watching the show though - just let me know when she wins :-)

Go Go Jo Jo said...

i thought that i had heard about this and i'm glad to get it confirmed. while i'm addicted to not-reality tv i usually stay away from diddy's stuff because the antics get on my nerves. but now i'll definitely be watching.

Monica Roberts said...

I'll have to Tivo it anyway since I'm working when it comes on. ;)

Monica Roberts said...

Jo Jo,
Thanks for the link love..Have done the same for yours in my Houston-area bloggers links.

angel said...

I appreciate Laverne as a person.I think she's smart and is a great representation of the black woman.That said with all due respect to her transexuality I can't understand why she wears that black and white chanel like suit every single episode.I find it very puzzling.