Thursday, August 28, 2008

Katrina Third Anniversary

Today is the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastating landfall in the New Orleans-Mississippi Gulf Coast area. It's interesting that as I write this Tropical Storm Gustav whacked Haiti as a Category 1 hurricane, is building in the Caribbean and is headed toward Kingston, Jamaica. Unfortunately the storm's projected track is pointing it toward the Louisiana-Mississippi Gulf Coast area.

The possibility that Gustav may be making landfall in New Orleans, where I spent two years of my childhood on the West Bank has me concerned. Mu godsister, her hubby and kids moved back to the area after temporarily hanging out with my family in Houston, I have yet to visit New Orleans post-Katrina.

Three years after the landfall and the devastation it wreaked on the area, it's still negatively affecting many people's lives.


Renee said...

Katrina highlighted the discord between worth, value and race in the US. Three years later there has been no significant change. When last I heard in June FEMA was planning on kicking survivors our of the trailers. The preparation and the rebuilding have been a failure of epic proportions.

Monica Roberts said...

It also emphatically pointed out the failure of conservatism's 'hate on government' policies.

There are things you need government for.