Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Democratic Comvention

I'd hoped to be sitting in Denver right now as part of the army of bloggers credentialed for the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, but unfortunately that fell through when The Bilerico Project wasn't selected as one of the credentialed blogs.

Bil and Jerame are there covering the event for The Bilerico Project anyway, but I've committed my vacation time for something else and couldn't go.

The convention starts in a few hours and here's the link to the official convention website. In addition to the Project covering the DNC, Pam's House Blend will be doing so as well along with several other blogs.

At the Avalon Farmblog you'll have Dr. Marisa Richmond, our first African-American transgender delegate commenting on the historic happenings from her spot in the Tennessee delegation. My homegirl Vanessa Edawrds Foster is a Texas delegate and will be blogging about her experiences in her Trans Political blog.

And of course, just because I'm not in the Mile High city doesn't mean that the TransGriot won't have any opinions about the various speeches, GOP bullshyt spin, network coverage and other political activity going on.

But I'd rather be there pontificating about it than in Louisville.


Don said...

I look forward to this Democratic Convention like no other. I am interested in seeing exactly what will traspire between Obama and Hillary Clinton. Do you think that he has offered her a job if he wins the Presidency?

Have fun and enjoy.

SeaMonica said...

Also, Marisa says I can re-post her blogs on Trans Universe. Autumn Sandeen will be giving me a heads up on anything having to do with veterans. She has a meeting with her Congresswoman, Susan Davis, the person who headed the recent Transgender Congressional hearing and is also involved with the House VA Committee.

Monica Roberts said...

Hillary needs to stay in the Senate and become majority leader.

I hear so much chatter about 'Barack Obama needs to reach out to Clinton supporters'. Well, Hillary (and Bill) need to reach out ASAFP to Obama supporters and African-Americans who are still pissed about the last few months of her campaign and the lukewarm support for Obama since June.