Saturday, August 30, 2008

1000 Posts!

This is my 1000th post on TransGriot!

I didn't expect to hit this milestone so soon. I actually beat my projection for it by three weeks. There's been so much going on this month in terms of the Olympics, the just concluded historic Democratic convention, and various African-American transgender people either achieving milestones or being screwed by the judicial system that I had a lot to write about this month.

I had a few goals in mind when I started this blog on January 1, 2006. At the time I started it there weren't many African-American transgender people blogging about transgender and host of other issues through the eyes of a proud African-American transwoman.

I also wanted to look at things with an international view as well and include news about transpeople of African descent from across the Diaspora in order to broaden the conversation about transgender people. It made no sense to me that there was little or no news from the second largest continent on our planet about transgender issues. I wanted to point out that transgender people are not just concentrated in Europe, Asia, the Pacific islands or the Americas.

As I compose this 1000th post there are as of now four known African-American transgender blogs. I'm beginning to be frequently linked to and quoted in the blogosphere, even by organizations like the Evil Equal Sign one that I've castigated for years for their callous disregard of transgender people.

I've written about how critical ENDA is to us living a quality life. I'm starting to be presented with some speaking opportunities and people on other blogs have begun to ask me to compose guest posts. I'm shocked sometimes when I hear people tell me or put in writing not only how much they admire me, but see me as a role model. I'm humbled that people value my opinion that much to ask, and I feel honored and blessed by the opportunity to do so.

I'm a member of the AfroSphere, my Black Blog Ranking is exponentially climbing toward becoming one of the Top 50 Black Blogs and my Technorati ratings are rising. I've been a contributing writer for The Bilerico Project for almost a year.

I've even gained some wonderful friends here in the States and internationally as a result of starting TransGriot.

Wow, 1000 posts in just a little over three years. And I'm still not done yet.


Renee said...

Congratulations on reaching a 1000 posts. I read both transgriot and the bilcero. I come here because you are source of good information and you are dedicated to raising awareness. As I look through the crap that is in the blogosphere I know that blogs like transgriot are a rare treasure. Thank you for all that you do to show the world that all bodies matter.

blackbird said...

Also my congratulations on post 1000. This is a wonderful blog. I love reading what you're posting. Kepp at it and many many thanks for your work.

Monica Roberts said...

Renee, Blackbird
You both have wonderful blogs of your own that i consider must reads.

Renee, I learn more about how womanists look at the world by perusing your posts.

I'm heartened by the fact that yours and other womanist opinions of where their transgender sisters fit it are light-years more evolved than feminist ones are.

Thanks for starting your blog and letting people know I'm not the only African-American transwoman out there who not only wishes to carry herself with intelligence, style and class, but is willing to be a sorely needed role model as well.

Jackie said...

On to the next 1000!!

love you!!

Villager said...

Congrats on the reaching the 1,000 post milestone. That is truly a remarkable achievement. I don't drop by as often as i should ... but, I appreciate what you are doing for transgender people all over the world. Keep doin' what you're doin'!

peace, Villager

Monica Roberts said...

I also need to be dropping by your and other peeps blogs more regularly to comment as well.

So, when are the BBR's coming out? ;)

VĂ©ronique said...

Congratulations on 1000 blog entries, Monica! I've always been grateful that a friend turned me on to this blog, not just for trans news but for much else too.

Even though I did not attend Gender Odyssey in Seattle this weekend, I saw many of the participants. Most were white, but there were African American and other non-white people among them. That was really good to see. said...

Hey there!!

Congratulations on your achievement!!

I am so inspired!