Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hillary Didn't Win Texas

One of the spin lines coming out of the Clinton campaign to mask the beatdowns she's been getting on a regular basis from Sen. Obama is that 'she wins the big states while he wins the little states and the caucses'.

Well, she needs to revise that one. One big state she didn't win is my home state of Texas. As many of you are now aware, my home state has a two-step process that determines the allocation of its delegates.

Two thirds of the delgates are determined by popular vote. The other delegates are determined by a caucus which starts 15 minutes after the polls close on election night.

Sen. Clinton narrowly won the popular vote by a 51-47% margin. That earned her 65 delegates to his 61. But what has been kept quiet is that she got blown out in the caucus portion of the Texas Two-Step Primary, and when you total up the delegates, Sen. Obama will have MORELone Star State delegates than Sen. Clinton. Since it's all about the delegates, Sen. Clinton actually lost Texas. CNN reported this on March 11.

The Texas secretary of state will be announcing the official results on March 29, and it will confirm what many of us have known for a while. Hillary not only lost Texas, but her chances of winning the nomination are growing more remote by the day.


Go Go Jo Jo said...

Thank You!!!

As someone who sat up for half the night refreshing the Houston Chronicles chart of votes on the internet, I was DUMBFOUNDED when CNN started spouting this crap about Clinton winning.

In what world?

She barely "won" in the primaries which were a part of the early voting system. Heck, more than 1% of the votes went to Edwards!!! Because people didn't know he was going to drop out when they voted.(And she only won the primary by a 2-3% lead if I remember correctly). And Obamaclearly defeated her in the caucus which in Texas *counts*.

And as you say, he got more of the it really doesn't matter anyway. The man won. End of story.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the info. Didn't he win more delegates in NH too? Well, there's winning and there's winning. LOL!

Stassa said...


That was the so-called "real" Super Tuesday right?

I remember looking at the numbers of delegates won by each and it was obvious that they had both increased their delegate count by about the same number.

Then I noticed what you say, that there was a caucus and a primary and that Obama actually won the whole thing.

And yet the media kept saying Hillary had "revitalised" her campaign and stuff. Stupid huh?

I think though the dems are perfectly able at doing the math and they're starting to weigh in on the whole thing. A schism is sure not gonna help anyone at this point...