Friday, February 19, 2016

TransGriot Perv Watch- Faith Based Freak

In our latest edition of the TransGriot Perv Watch, here's another incident that proves what the trans community is saying in terms of the peeps you have to watch out for aren't members of our community.

52 year old Mark Wayne Howington of Maumee, OH, the music director at Proclaim FM, a Christian radio station based in Holland, OH. decided to take the laying of hands on someone to another disturbing level at a Target store in the area.  

And he wasn't trans or in drag or trans when he did so.

58 year old Debra Piechowski was shopping at a Target with her niece looking for Valentine's and birthday gifts husband when she entered the women's restroom at 5:00 PM EST last Thursday afternoon.

Piechowski was violently pulled into the bathroom by Howington and slapped hard on the left butt cheek by him before he exited the bathroom without a word as she went to find the manager and store security.

The search for him was initially unsuccessful, but Piechowski spotted him in the parking lot attempting to pry open a car door, and she and officers chased and cornered him in another nearby store where he was apprehended.  He refused to give his name and when he was ordered to pull his hand out of hos pocket, revealed the sharp end of a screwdriver.

If he'd been non-white he'd be dead, but back to focusing on this perv watch story.

Howington was arrested and charged with simple assault, obstruction official business and carrying a concealed weapon.  He appeared in court Friday and was released from the Lucas County. OH jail on Saturday on $1000 bond.

Howington has resigned his position at the Dwelling Place church and is on leave from his WPOS-FM job.

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