Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Honored To Be Named A Transformative Leader By Planned Parenthood

Black History Month 2016
While I don't do what I do human rights wise to get awards, it sure is nice when that hard work fighting for people's human rights gets recognized.

Sometimes I'm shocked at times at where the recognition is coming from.

Was surprised and pleased to note this Black History Month post on Planned Parenthood's website that highlighted leaders transforming our community.

Amongst the names of people I have long admired like Rep. Maxine Waters,  Rep. John Lewis, Kimberle Crenshaw, Danielle Moodie-Mills, Faye Wattleton and Sharon Lettman-Hicks, was mine.

Thank you Planned Parenthood for that honor, and hope I'm blessed to continue to grow and evolve as that transformative community leader you see me as.

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Unknown said...

I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.