Friday, February 26, 2016

GOP Makes The War On Transpeople Official

Even Stevie Wonder and anyone paying attention to politics over the last few years could see this coming, and the Republican Party finally went there.  They have officially declared war on the trans community by calling for state legislatures to pass anti-trans measures.

So Caitlyn Jenner and other trans Republicans, what was that bull feces y'all have been saying about how we trans folks needed to talk to GOP politicians and get their support?

That RNC document makes it clear that's a fools errand.

Naw boo boo kitties, the legislative oppression of transpeople carries an unmistakable GOP label and stench.  I have yet to see any evidence that your fellow Republicans as a party being one that would understand the plight of trans women and would work to help aid our human rights cause.

When science and accurate information are key components to understanding us, and many Republicans are eagerly taking great pride in being 21st Century Know-Nothings, it points out the fallacy of trying to get people determined to dehumanize and erase your existence for political purposes to vote for advancing your human rights or just being less evil to you.

It also points out the critical importance of trans people not only getting involved politically and handling our electoral business in each and every election cycle, but eventually stepping up and running for election to office ourselves.

And resistance to transphobia is not futile.

It's a war we didn't need or want. but now that the GOP has declared it, we have no choice but to fight for our humanity and utterly crush them..

It's either we fight the GOP and win, or meekly submit to whatever oppression they wish to impose upon our community.

I suggest, to borrow the words of Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica, "We fight 'em until we can't."

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