Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Leaving On A Jet Plane-To New York

Box cutter found aboard Southwest Airlines flight at Hobby AirportI'm about to board a plane at Hobby for another trip to handle some community business, with the destination this time being New York City.   The best part is I have nonstop trips up there and back to Houston.

It's my last trip of 2014 unless something pops up that requires my physical presence outside of Harris County, and looking forward to being back in New York for the first time since I was there in 2012 for the GLAAD POC Media training.

It's basically an in and out trip, with me heading there for an Arcus Foundation event and Trans Media Think Session on Thursday and then returning home Friday to tear into some post flight barbecue when I arrive at Hobby..

And yeah, you know my laptop and WNBA notepad is coming with me so I can tell y'all all about my latest adventure in advocacy.

Looking forward to seeing some New York when I get there on this nonstop bird to LaGuardia

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