Thursday, December 04, 2014

Arcus Foundation Trans Media Think Session

Despite all the drama that greeted me upon my arrival into New York, I do have some business to attend to before I can go back to observing all the protests going on here over the Garner case non indictment.

I'm here along with several other peeps from New York and across the country to take part in an Arcus Foundation sponsored Trans Media Think Session that kicks off at 8 AM EST and will run until 4 PM.

I already am aware that Cheryl Courtney-Evans, Christina Kahrl, Rebecca Juro, Dr. Kortney Ziegler and Eden Lane are some of the participants here from out of town like moi.  I know that Andy Marra is one of the local participants.

So definitely looking forward to seeing everyone and having a productive day.

As to what happens after that, we'll see.  My flight doesn't leave from NYC until 3:35 PM EST tomorrow.

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