Thursday, December 25, 2014

Janet's Engaged!

In more dispatches from the trans community good news department, was pleased and megaexcited to hear that Janet Mock is now engaged!

Yep, damn skippy I'm giving the happy couple a TransGriot shout out for this one.

Her longtime beau Aaron Tredwell proposed to her on December 20, and you know our homegirl happily accepted that proposal.

According to Janet's FB page, she's been doing the happy dance for the last several days, and the well wishes and congratulations from all you peeps who love them are continuing to pour in.

Definitely adding mine as well.

Wedding date has yet to be set, but I'm sure the happy couple will let us know when that event is going to happen.

Congratulations to Aaron and Janet!   Can't think of a better time to have that positive event happen, and may you both continue to have a very happy life together.

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