Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You Claim You Aren't Scared Of Me, But Tragically You Are

TransGriot Note:  My fave WMMA fighter talks about the reasons why many of the so-called tough WMMA women fear her.   And after Tamikka Brents microwaved beatdown, don't think too many more will be stupid enough to transphobically bash Fallon Fox and claim in the same breath they can beat her.

I've been waiting a little over a year to say this.

Remember a little while back there was this MMA fighter who found out that she was locked in a tournament with a few other Caucasian women, a couple of black women, and one transgender woman. She took a look at the field of competitors in the tournament after the first bracket and saw one of these women knocking another woman out in 39 seconds. And at 6' 1" while professing to be a legitimate professional MMA fighter, she got scared.

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Then, an opportunity to get that woman out of the tournament and out of her way arose. It came out that one of the women in the tournament happened to be a transgender woman. That was great news for our tall friend for sure! Because at that time not that many people were aware of the intricacies of this category of woman, and were not aware that transgender women had been legitimately competing in sports YEARS before that day. It was a prime opportunity to muddy the water and exit the tournament. Peggy Morgan's fear and lack of skill had her doing an about face accompanied by a swift double time towards the metaphorical exit sign. She even went as far as to sit down in front of a camera with her trainer also wanted that 39 second knockout potential out of the way. So, she sat smugly staring into the lens while her trainer did all of the talking. The man said, "Fallon Fox is not Rosa Parks", "He lied on his Florida State Application and as a result HE assaulted an unknown woman in the cage", "We are not afraid of Fallon Fox...", and "He will be famous for about 10 minutes for being a man who had a sex change and now wants to fight women. Peggy on the other hand will be a household name for being one of the top female fighters on the planet".

( You can read all about this and watch the video here: )

Funny what can happen in little over a year huh? It can wash away that false baseless "Lied to the Florida commission" claim. It can destroy that "10 minutes of fame" nonsense. And most importantly, it can show that Peggy Morgan will certainly not be known as "One of the top female fighters on the planet". As a matter of fact, she's racked up two losses since that time, and I've racked up two wins. Her record is 2-2-0 and she's on a losing streak. (Mine is now 5-1-0 and I'm on a win streak.) She lost every single fight after she decided to go on camera and have her trainer proclaim to the world how tough she was. Some female MMA fighters just don't have what it takes. They fear too much and have very little heart. Normally they don't get too far in MMA.

Peggy Morgan was similar to Charmaine Tweet of Canada. Who recently stated that transgender women should be segregated from women's MMA. They are both over 6' tall with ridiculous reach advantages who are scared of lil' ol' me. Perhaps they fear me because both they and their trainers realize they are lacking in real skill and heart, and that the only reason why they made it as far as they've made it is because of the added factor of how big they are.

But, you know, there's also shorter competitors who sometimes do the same thing. Like Katalina Malungahu who recently took to twitter in her stupidity called me a man (even when commissions, the government, and medical community says otherwise) to express how scared she is of fighting me. Guess what her record is? It's 2-2-0, she's on a downward tailspin of loss right now and itching to get whatever potential threat out of her way. She's not the real deal either...

But, you know who at least had heart? Ashley Evans Smith, Tamikka Brents, and Allana Jones. One of those three defeated me in my only loss, and Allanna Jones made it to the 3rd round with me.

Oh, there's one that has more heart than them all. You've probably never heard of her though. - Heather Basset - she fought me and was able to do a lot better than most suspected in the first round even though she was tapped out in the second. She stands out as the one with the most heart to me because after it was all over, she simply said, "I lost". She didn't say any wild untrue assertions in order to save face for her loss. She just went back to her gym to get better and hopefully win the next one. NOW THAT is the heart of a warrior. How is it that Heather Basset, the smallest of these women stands taller than all of them? It's pathetic if you really think about it.

Anyhoo. Was just dying to say that. Now, back into the gym to prepare for whatever fight comes next.

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