Monday, September 08, 2014

GenderProud Twitter Chat Tonight

Tonight a Twitter chat sponsored by GenderProud will happen that will discuss an interesting topic.

Over the last decade we have seen the Philippines emerge as one of the Asian-Pacific challengers to Thailand's status as the most trans friendly nation in the region. 

Manila is the home of the Amazing Philippine Show and the Amazing Philippine Beauties pageant is a televised national event.  Philippine cultural traditions allow trans and gender variant kids to transition early.  There have been moves in several cities toward passing non-discrimination laws covering LGBTQ people in that nation, and the Philippine Congress is also pondering passage of legislation to protect the human rights of LGBTQ Filipinos.    

But at the same time, despite the efforts of STRAP, GANDA Filipinas and other LGBT orgs in the nation, there continue to be troubling reports of anti-trans and LGB discrimination still happening in the Philippines. 

The question this Twitter chat will ponder tonight starting at 8 PM EDT will be 'Is The Philippines LGBT Friendly?' with GenderProud's Geena Rocero.  

#GenderProud @rappler Twitter Conversation should be an interesting discussion, and if you can take part in it, may be worth your time to do so. 

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