Friday, September 12, 2014

You Can Vote Out Stupid

Nope, you can't fix stupid, especially when they are willfully ignorant and resist any information that points to them as being wrong.

But you can definitely use the powerful constitutional right you have at your disposal to vote them out.

The next two elections are critical to our nation's future.  You need to planning to run, not walk to your friendly neighborhood polling places on November 4 (or earlier if your state has early voting like Texas does) and cast your ballots.

You can whine, gripe and complain about the state of our political system as of today, but the only thing that will change this sorry state of affairs is the time tested method of taking your behind to the polls and voting in each and every election.

And yeah, I practice what I preach at y'all.  October 20 is circled on my calendar in blue Sharpie ink.

If you don't do it, all those misinformed FOX noise voters will be happy to bumrush the polls and choose your next governors, judges, state reps and state senators, US congressmembers and US senators for you.

If you think voting is a waste of time, better wake up and smell the voter suppression.  There's a reason the Republicans spend millions to ensure that groups they don't want voting against them have a hard time doing so.

And if you don't vote, I don't want to hear a word from you or see one negative syllable you type about social media about how awful your government is.

Nope, you can't fix stupid, but you can ensure it doesn't get the power to write legislation in you city, county, state, judicial benches and our country. . 

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