Monday, September 22, 2014

Texas Fall College Democrats Convention At UH This Weekend

Since I'm right down the street from the UH campus (for now)  and the price is right (FREE), will probably go get into reporter mode and check out the  Fall conference of the Texas College Democrats which is being hosted on the UH campus 

Will be nice to be around all that youthful energy and see the future Democrats of our state who will be working hard to get Wendy, Leticia and all our Texas Democratic candidates across the ballot get elected November 4.

And just a reminder, if you aren't registered to vote in the Lone Star State, you have until October 3 to do so.   If you are, early voting in Texas starts October 20

Convention will run from 11:00 AM-3 PM, so if you wish to see and hang around our younglings who will play a major role in turning our state back to its progressive roots, might wish to swing by the UH campus and check it out.

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