Friday, September 05, 2014

Another Statistic

TransGriot Note:  From time to time I like posting my own creative writing on the blog since I talk about so many serious subjects here.  This post is the first time I've featured someone else's creative writing on TransGriot, and it's one of my longtime readers in Ace Ramirez.    I liked his poem and felt it needed to be shared with the world.  

And now, here's Ace's poem

Another Statistic

There's a fire burning right outside my door
I can feel its heartbeat rattling the floor
Every time I leave, I'm scared of what's in store
Makes me wonder what's the point of living for

I could turn a blind eye, maybe I won't see
All the hate-filled stares that are watching me
I could catch a bullet if moved suddenly
Or detained & tasered, if I get lucky

Can you hear the striking of the mission bell?
That heralds the right to send me straight to hell
When or where it comes from I can never tell
Drinking deeply from the poison in the well

I'm a demon even if I am a saint
To protect myself, my image it would taint
Seen as a thug even if my dress is quaint
In my death, the ugly picture they would paint

Is it so wrong for me to sing the blues? 

Is it my fault for poring over all the news? 
If I ignore the violence will I change my views? 
Can I forget the threat of this unjust abuse? 

I can pretend I'm fine, business casual 
I could resume my life, all as usual 
Just shut up and ride, my fear irrational 
Or stand up & fight, perceived as animal 

The answer is unclear, what can turn the tide? 
Would it be easier for you if I lied?
And said I'm safe because of where I reside.
Too bad. I'm black. Hence I am terrified.

ALR 8/30/2014

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