Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Interesting SCC 2014 Starts Today

When this year's edition of the Southern Comfort Conference kicks off in suburban Atlanta today, it's going to be noteworthy for several reasons.  

In addition to the news that HRC President Chad Griffin will be one of the keynote speakers for it on Friday, it's noteworthy for the bombshell news that this will be the last one in the Atlanta metro area for a while.

It's also noteworthy that once again, the SCC organizers failed to reach out to ATL transpeople of color leaders, but what else is new?

Southern Comfort, which has been held and was born in Atlanta in 1991 and was featured in the 2001 documentary of the same name about the life of transman Robert Eads, is rumored to be heading to Fort Lauderdale, FL  for three years starting in 2015.

All eyes in Trans World will be turned in the direction of the ATL from today until September 7 for the developments and news that come out of it 

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