Friday, March 16, 2012

RIP Agnes Torres Hernandez

The international community of trans activists is one in which we are not only a close knit bunch, we tend to form friendships for life as we get to know each other.

When we're not busy e-mailing and chatting with each other trading strategy, tactics and information as to what has worked and what hasn't in our struggles in our various nations to advance trans human rights coverage, we'll quickly shit to what's happening in our personal lives or give each other the moral and emotional support we'll need to continue to do a job we all know can be a tough one.  

We are also painfully aware that in some nations, being an out, proud and open trans human rights activist takes tremendous courage because it can lead to being harassed by the powers that be you are fighting.  It can also be a death sentence as Cynthia Nicole Moreno's 2009 death in Honduras sadly pointed out.

Sadly, I won't get the pleasure to meet Agnes Torres Hernandez. 

Agnes Torres Hernandez was a 28 year old psychologist and educator fighting for the human rights of our trans brothers and sisters in Mexico.  She disappeared last Friday after leaving her home in Puebla to attend a party in the small town of Chipilo.   Her body was found with her throat slashed, burn marks on it and clothed only in her underwear, a blouse with suspenders and a brown jacket.

Hernandez was becoming an important TBLG human rights voice in Mexico for her trans brothers and sisters, and 2000 people gathered in Puebla's central town square to demand justice for her murder.   

It is the sixth crime aimed at members of the Mexican TBLG community that has yet to see even one of them solved and a perpetrator brought to justice. 

While her voice has sadly been stilled, the fight continues for trans human rights coverage around the world and her trans brothers and sisters in her homeland and elsewhere will not rest until it happens..

TransGriot Note:  Read this open letter from Bamby Salcedo the publisher of xQsi Magazine, which covers Latin@ trans issues.   It concerns her thoughts about the senseless murder of Agnes Torres.

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