Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dreams Can Come True For Transpeople, Too

Today I've had one of my dreams as a writer come to pass that when I started my transition back in 1994, seemed to be about as farfetched from happening as the LA Clippers becoming an NBA title contender.

The Clippers are on pace to make the playoffs and I got published at

When I started seriously focusing on my writing in 2001, it has been a dream to one day I would have something I wrote published by two of the iconic magazines in our community, ESSENCE and EBONY.

It's the online version to be sure, but still, it's EBONY magazine and I'm ecstatic it happened.      

A lot of hard work, long hours and effort went into getting myself ready and in position to take advantage of my break when it happened.  Even so I was still stunned when I received the e-mail letting me know they were interested in the piece.

So thanks to everyone who has been blowing up my Twitter feed, Facebook page and e-mail inbox congratulating me for making this happen.   All I did was pick up the torch Roberta Angela Dee carried for our community until she passed on in 2002.  

I'm trying to do my part to live up to her legacy and the standard she set in being an African-American trans writer while adding my distinctive touches to it and expanding the boundaries of what we talk about so that we simply are discussed as writers. 

Janey Mock will and is already exceeding what I do as the editor of   I know when I can no longer carry that torch, we'll be in good hands

One of my writing dreams has come true (take that haters and KMBA) so now I get to move on to the next writing dreams and goals I have in mind.   I'd love to see my writing eventually appear in print in addition to other online sites.  

But today is also a concrete example to my transpeeps that your dreams don't have to die just because you transitioned.   With some determined effort, they can, do and will come true as well.

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