Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ben Hall Still Hatin' On Trans Houstonians Y'all

"..It was unacceptable for transgendered people who are “anatomically another gender” to be treated as anything but the anatomical gender.
--Ben hall, KUHF-FM  Houston Matters interview, October 28, 2013

With our mayoral election just a mere four months away, the campaign to replace our term limited mayor Annise Parker will be heating up soon as we get inexorably closer to the traditional Labor Day start for Houston civic election campaigns.

Out of all the candidates running for mayor in 2015, the one I have the most disdain for is Benjamin Lewis Hall, our former city attorney who spent $3 million dollars of his own money getting thumped by Mayor Parker by double digits in the 2013 mayoral race.

Hey, as I've said before, I don't have to like or respect people who are trying to oppress me..

He not only said to my face in an October 2013 mayoral town hall that he wasn't in favor of HERO, but if he had been elected, would have repealed the executive orders of Mayors Brown and Parker that protected Houston LGBT people in city employment.  He also doubled down on the BTLG hate in the last two weeks of that 2013 campaign.

As to whether he has changed his mind on HERO or the human rights of trans Houstonians,, the answer to that question is an emphatic NO.   He made it clear at a recent Harris County Democratic Party Brown Bag luncheon I attended that he hasn't evolved on either of those issues

A recent check of the signatures of Dave Wilson's second failed effort to enshrine anti-trans bigotry in the Houston City Charter by a team of Houston GLBT citizens and allies revealed an interesting name that popped up:   Ben Hall.

So Houston trans peeps and allies, if you were thinking about voting for this man as our next mayor, don't.

Find someone else to cast your precious vote for on November 3, because it is quite clear Hall is a trans oppressor who will if elected, throw my hard won human rights as a trans Houstonian away to curry favor with faux faith based bigots like the Baptist Ministers Assn of Houston and Vicinity and professional gaybaiters like Steve Hotze who don't even live in this city.

There is also little doubt by his signature on that transphobic petition and behavior pattern dating back to 2013 that Ben Hall's vision of this city doesn't include transgender Houstonians like me.

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