Thursday, July 30, 2015

Moni's Arrived In Dallas!

Well, actually I'm in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, TX.   I'm chillin' at the hotel and getting ready for the 7th edition of the Texas Transgender Non Discrimination Summit that will be held on the UT-Dallas campus starting tomorrow.

This year's sponsors in addition to UT-Dallas are Rainbow Guard UTD, UTD Pride, and the Gallerstein Women's Center.

This is the second straight year the TTNS has hit the road and began to do what founder Josephine Tiittsworth and the board envisioned for it when it started back in 2009.   It not only is helping to push for trans inclusive non discrimination policies on Texas college and university campuses and school districts, it is also being held in different parts of the state as it does so.

It';s been fun to witness the growth of the TTNS since I became aware of it in 2010, and I'm not only eager to teach my own seminar on Saturday, I'm looking forward to seeing if the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex can break the all time TTNS attendance record set just last year when Texas State hosted it. 

And did I get my Slurpee on the way to the hotel?    What do you think?

TransGriot Update: I not only got my Slurpee at the DART St. Paul Station 7-Eleven, I qualified for a free one during that visit to the DFW`area. There were two walking distance 7-Elevens in walking distance on either side of my hotel in Richardson, and my app got a workout.

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