Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Jazz And Jeanette On 'The View'

So what did you do this morning?  

If you're the fabulous trans teen  Jazz Jennings you woke up early this morning in New York along with your wonderful mom Jeanette to get ready for a live TV appearance on ABC's The View

I think Jazz has more frequent flier miles than I do this year, but I digress.

As you all know the TLC reality show featuring Jazz and her amazing family I Am Jazz is set to start on July 15.  Jazz is also a spokesmodel for Clean and Clear, has written a picture book to inspire other trans kids with the same title, and as someone who has had the pleasure of meeting her, is one very sweet kid.

She's had some amazing stuff happened for her. as she continues to live her life, fight for the human rights of transpeople, educate others along the way and be a shining example for other trans kids.

Hey. she's also a wonderful role model for us adult trans folks as well.

As soon as I find the video for this morning's broadcast, I'll post it on the blog for you peeps to see it.

Looking forward to seeing this The View episode since I missed it, the reality show and seeing what happens next for this amazing young lady.

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