Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dave Wilson Fails Again To Get Trans Hatred Enshrined In The Houston City Charter

As many of you are aware of, last year after a bitter fight we got the trans inclusive Houston Equal Rights Ordinance passed after an 11-6 vote.  

The local professional gaybaiters and their kneegrow sellouts promptly went to work collecting petitions to force a HERO repeal referendum.

But they FUBARed the process so badly that the city rejected the petitions, and the spoiled vanillacentric privileged right-wing brats and their kneegrow auxiliaries tried to sue in state court and force the HERO referendum that way.  After losing in state court in April, HERO went into effect.

Meanwhile, longtime hater Dave "I Pretended I Was Black To Get Elected" Wilson was trying another tactic to bring down HERO.   Wilson went to work to collect enough petitions to force a vote to add language to the city charter that attacks the Houston trans community

But Dave forgot that you need 20,000 signatures for a charter amendment petition, and claimed he collected 19,700 signatures.   However, that was short of the 20K threshold, and his petition was denied.

Dave tried again, and took another batch of signatures to City Hall in an attempt to get his transphobic charter amendment on the November ballot, and was once again rebuffed by the city of Houston.  He's now trying to sue, and we'll stay tuned to see if this goes anywhere.

But the end result is that for now, the trans inclusive HERO ordinance is in effect, and transphobic bigots like Dave Wilson and friends provide ample evidence of why it is necessary.

They have yet to get the message that discrimination's time in Houston has expired.

And Houston peeps, can we look into the possibility of kicking Wilson's butt off the HCC board for violating its nondiscrimination policy?

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