Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Judge Vicky Sworn In!

January 4, 2011 was a historic day for trans kind as well.   Victoria Kolakowski was sworn in as the first elected trans trial court judge in the nation.   She will serve the people of Alameda County in her new position.

The historic nature of the occasion for the people lucky enough to be gathered there at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center wasn't lost on the audience.  The swearing in ceremony included three standing ovations during the event as reported by the dot429 blog.

Underneath her trial robe was a butterfly pin given to her by Sylvia Guerrero, the mother of slain transteen Gwen Araujo, who was tragically murdered at the hands of transphobes in Alameda County eight years ago.

Here's hoping that Judge Kolakowski is the first of a wave of future trans judges, councilmembers, DA's, state reps, state senators and eventually congressmembers. across our nation.

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