Monday, January 24, 2011

You White Pro Birthers Never Cared About Black Lives Before And Still Don't

Like other people in the blogosphere, I have not been happy lately about the recent campaign of the pro birth movement trying to inject race in the abortion debate.and faux concern for African American lives.

First it was those jacked up 'endangered species' billboards.   Now comes Rick Santorum,  who as the former US senator for Pennsylvania earned F's on the NAACP Congressional Civil Rights report card delivering a twisted history comment aimed at President Obama's pro choice stance that only served to put the right wing hypocrisy about African American lives in full view

Since you're so concerned about us, I have to ask the following questions of you vanilla pro-birthers.

If you are so concerned with African-American babies, why aren't you supporting universal health care so those babies and their parents can grow up healthy?

Why are you pro-birthers opposing federally or state funded day care so that their mothers can work and earn decent paychecks to support these kids that you profess to love so much?  

Why aren't you supporting full funding for public schools and a 21st century curriculum that focuses on teaching math, facts based science and critical thinking skills in order for those babies to get into college?

Why are you cutting Pell grants and cutting funding for colleges and universities?   Some of those African-American babies will need to have those programs around so that they can get a good education and join the workforce with good jobs at good wages. 

It also goes without saying that people have to have jobs in order to earn the income to take care of a child after it comes out of the birth canal.

And segueing back to public schools for a moment, the best way to cut down the rate of abortions is to have comprehensive reality based sex education. The abstinence-only model that you endorsed doesn't work and sets up a fantasy world that even teen mother and spokesmodel for abstinence Bristol Palin couldn't live up to.

You conservative pro-birthers haven't cared about Black lives for 400 years and still don't, so how dare you part your lips to even try to claim that you do when your social policy stances factor into some of the reasons why Black women terminate their pregnancies in the first place?

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