Friday, September 12, 2008

Deja Vu For Caribou Barbie?

The GOP Borg and their drones are drooling over the fact that Sarah Palin was a beauty queen back in the day who competed in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.

While surfing The Net I pondered an interesting thought. Being the pageant junkie I am, I was struck by the notion that the Rethuglicans and the Right Wing Noise Machine would have been crowing nonstop about the fact if she'd won. Why aren't they?

Turns out Sarah Get Your Gun didn't win back in 1984, she was the runner up. Wanna guess who she lost to?

A sistah.

In a state that has a 3.7% African-American population, she lost to an African-American woman. No wonder Idaho-born Caribou Barbie's hatin' on us.

Yes peeps, there are Black people who live in Alaska. Some came there to work on the Alaska pipeline back in the 70's and stayed. Others were assigned there during the course of their military service and grew to love the state. Others moved there from the Lower 48 to get a fresh start in life. There is a large enough community of African-Americans there to hold their own Juneteenth celebration and elect Bettye Davis to the Alaska Senate.

In some delicious irony Palin lost that pageant to Maryline Blackburn, an Army brat who was born in Europe, grew up in Fairbanks and became the first African-American to win Miss Alaska and represent the state in the Miss America pageant.

Ms. Blackburn is an accomplished singer now based in the ATL and Obama supporter. She also had some interesting things to say about her one time competitor.

Here's hoping that history repeats itself in two months and Ms. Palin finds herself on the losing end of another major contest to an African-American.



Hey there Monica! {waves}

That is an interessting story!!

I am not at all surprised though...sistas know how to bring it on...

By the way, I temporarily took my blog into "invite only". I added you to the invited guests list! (smiles)

If there are others in the online trans neighborhood you want me to give access to, then just send me their email addresses and I'll put them in the mix!!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Renee said...

I love the fact that she lost to a WOC. I don't believe that she is progressive and something about her smacks of a privilege denier. I do hope for a repeat of history as well. Watching Obama be sworn in will be one of the happiest daysd of my life and I am a Cannuck saying that.

Monica Roberts said...

Hey, you ain't the only one, Renee.

Lisa Harney said...

I'm right there with both of you.

Monica Roberts said...

I'm not surprised at Palin's racist tendencies coming to light.

Unknown said...

Lisa - I'm going to miss reading your hard-hitting commentary. Let us know when you open the blog up again...

Monica - Excellent story. I hope history repeats itself as well!

peace, Villager

Monica Roberts said...

So do I villager

crys said...

ok- i HAVE to say something. you've pulled me out of lurker land with this one!! LOL
i feel bad commenting on blogs on my computer powered by the generator - i should be doing more useful things with my electricity :-)
BUT - i had to.

once've learned me something!

Monica Roberts said...

You ARE doing useful things with your electricity. You're keeping your friends and neighbors informed about what's going on with the rest of the planet and yourself at the same time. ;)