Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Argentine Transgender Rights Win

One of the things about being transgender is that your family expands, not contracts. You gain a whole lot of sisters and brothers all over the world to replace the blood relatives you may lose because of this issue.

How good life is for you as a transgender person depends on where you were born. Since we are all battling various levels of ignorance and faith based intolerance, no matter what country we live in, we sometimes become reluctant civil rights warriors fighting for our right to just live our lives openly and peacefully.

That makes the transgender civil rights struggle a worldwide human rights issue. No matter where we reside on Planet Earth, we are all painfully aware that whatever we do in our own locales and countries affects everybody in the global transgender community.

For example, an advancement in rights law in Britain affects us in the US. Our South Korean sisters and brothers being able to get name changes may have had a positive effect in Japan and now led to this news from Argentina.

Thanks to Andres Duque at Blabbeando for alerting me to this post about Argentinian transwoman Tania Luna. She won a legal case allowing her to change her name WITHOUT having surgery.

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