Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In Iraqinam

sung to the tune of 'Village Ghetto Land' by Stevie Wonder)

Would you like to patrol with me
Down this Baghdad street?
Would you like to come with me
To Iraqinam?

See the soldiers kick down doors
While insurgents kidnap and steal
Car bombings and IED's
Taking lives, legs and hands

Firefights break out everywhere
It's a chaotic scene
Killing plagues the citizens
In a Baghdad less serene

Our troops need to come home now
The American public understands
Neocons laugh, get rich and drink
While ignoring our demands

America should stay the course
Says the commander in chief
Iraqis and us burying our dead
While we all express our grief

Neocons say we should be happy
'Cause there's no more Saddam
Tell me would you be happy
In Iraqinam?

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