Monday, January 03, 2011

Black Trans Community-What Are WE Going To Do This Year....

To deal with our many trans community problems in 2011 and this decade?

If we African-American transpeeps are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the jacked up status quo situation we face, what are we gonna do about it in 2011 and beyond?

What are we going to do to not only help ourselves, but our transsisters and transbrothers across the African Diaspora?

Now that the holidays and Kwanzaa are over, time to start pondering and coming up with a concrete plan as to what we are going to do to ensure that we chocolate transpeople exit the 2K10's in better shape as a community than we entered this decade in.   

This nation time discussion is long overdue, and needed to happen yesterday.    I'm getting sick of the transphobic ignorance being bandied about in our African American communities that manifests itself into hate violence that leads to many of our transisters dying at the hands of cis Black people.

In fact, I'm tired of our transsisters taking the brunt of the anti-trans violence casualties period.

I'm tired of us not being represented in the senior leadership ranks of the white dominated trans community and not having a seat in the policy directions of it.    I'm tired of the legacy organizations in this community such as the NAACP, the Urban League, et cetera ignoring the fact that we exist.

It's time we take responsibility for the parts of our situation we can control.    

The parts we can control are networking and constant communication with each other.  Begin building that national community by organizing and building our local communities for the long haul.  Owning our history.   Honoring our leaders and showing love and respect for each other.

Let's put those Nguzo Saba principles I talked about in those Kwanzaa posts into action.

I know I'm not the only person thinking along the same lines so let's get this party and conversation started in our African descended trans communities.

And sorry, white trans community, this necessary introspection is going to have to be a FUBU discussion.   Once we close ranks and help strengthen ourselves, we can then become better allies to the communities we intersect and interact with.      

We didn't give up our Black Like Me cards when we transitioned.   We have much to offer all the communities we intersect and interact with and it's past time we act like the trans men and women we are.

So I ask again Black trans community.   What are WE going to do this year to help solve our community problems in 2011 and beyond?

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