Monday, June 08, 2020

2020 Trans Murders List- Midyear Review

remembering-our-dead-on-all-souls-day - Mission Basilica San Diego ...
With us passing June 1 in a so far crazy 2020, one thing that hasn't changed is that trans folks are still getting murdered despite a raging pandemic and a fascist racist in the recently fortified White House.

It actually started on New Year's Day with the murder of Dustin Parker, and we have literally had at least one murder every month in 2020.   The trans murder spike in Puerto Rico is majorly concerning, with five people being killed there.   

This is the list so far of trans persons killed in 2020.   I follow the standards of the Remembering Our Dead Project created by Gwen Smith in 1998, which seeks to count the trans peeps who have been murdered.

Suicides are not counted because frankly, they aren't murders, and there is the element of self choice involved     People who are killed by police, as Tony McDade was aren't counted unless the officer involved is charged with their murder. 

Tony McDade, 38, Tallahassee, FL 
(addition pending charging of cops involved for murder)  Tony will be added once someone is charged with his murder., and with reports that he was misgendered by the cops before he was shot, that's possible. But not enough for me under the ROD Project standards to consider it a murder.
This is a job that I took on because we must know exactly how many people are dying.   We also need to do it so that our people aren't disrespected in the media in death as they were while they were alive. 

I also want to not only preserve the history for future generations, I also want to see justice done for our trans siblings we have lost to this senseless violence. .  

And now, the 2020 Trans Murders List 

Dustin Parker, 25    McAlester, OK Neulisa Alexa Luciana Ruiz, 29, Toa Baja, PR
Yampi Mendez Arocha,19   Moca, PR
Monika Diamond, 34  Charlotte, NC
Lexi. 33, Harlem, NY
Johanna Metzger, 25  Baltimore, MD
Selena Angelique Velazquez Ramos. 32,  Humacao, PR
Layla Pelaez Sanchez, 21, Humacao,PR 
Penelope Diaz Ramirez, 31  Bayamon, PR  
Nina Pop, 28,  Sikeston, MO
Hallie Jae O’Regan, 20, San Antonio, TX  

Stats Breakdown
Female- 9
Male- 2   

0-19 - 1
20-29- 6
30-39- 4

White- 3
Black-  3
Latinx- 5
Asian-American/Pacific Islander
Rest in power with the transcestors.  .


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